About Me

Michael Harker

Michael Harker, born in Munich 1951, studied business administration in Vienna. Already during this time he found his passion for photography. However, after graduating he worked for more than 30 years as a management consultant for large companies. Only after 2007 he did realize his passion for photography. As a newcomer and self – taught, he turned to professional photography.

He photographs people, cities and landscapes with the romantic eyes of the street photographer and with the unshakeable belief in the good and beautiful in the world. With his camera, Michael Harker captures moments from an unexpected perspective, showing the beauty in often unexpected places in their graphic resolution. His works shows the magic and the emotionality of the moment. The images will let the depicted persons in all situations their dignity.

He is currently under contract with renowned image banks, has published the „icons of street art-big murals“ book and a number of calendars and is currently working on two book projects with major german publishers.